FRIDAY 20th APRIL 2018 at 7.00pm

Here are the OFFERS and WANTEDS that we have so far.  We hope this stimulates your thinking and then you contribute something.  We want to get to 50.  Bidding will start from next week onwards.


Having a Barbeque at 1.00pm on 16th June.

Cutting Grass/Painting Wood

Provide two trays of half/hardy annuals.

Give three golf lessons at St. Andrews Practice Centre.

Prepare your personal tax return.

Look after your dog for a day.

Host Fun Bowls and Putting with afternoon tea at Kinburn Bowling Club.

Brass Polishing.

One hours free Wood Turning tuition.

Arrange Table Tennis Coaching.

Vegan or Vegetarian Meal.

Take small parties for Bird Watching.

Transfer you wherever you want to go.

Drive one person by Porsche to Anstruther for fish and chips.

Shorten a skirt or trousers.

Host a Picnic and use of all the facilities at Craigtoun Park.

Take three for Afternoon Tea.

Fish and Chips in Anstruther/there and back.

Weeks Holiday in Timeshare.


Clear my rhones and gutters.

Make two cushion covers.

Help me improve my IT skills

Now it is over to you??



Hymn 685    For everyone born, a place at the table     

Prayers of Intercession

Notices and Offering

Hymn 123     God is love;  let heaven adore him

Benediction     Threefold amen



Minister:  Rev Allan McCafferty

Telephone:  01334 478287

Church Office:   Monday to Friday   9.00 am—12.00 noon
Telephone:  01334 478144    

Items for Service Sheet: