Strathkinness Parish Church

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Services are usually at 11.45 am on every Sunday. All are welcome

The Post Office hours of opening are between 12.30 and 2.30 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays in the Vestry in the Strathkinness Church Hall.



Minister:  Rev Allan McCafferty


Telephone:  01334 478287

Minister-in-Training:  Sibyl Tchaikovsky

Church Office:

Monday to Friday 9.00 am—12.00 noon


Telephone:  01334 478144

Information for this web site can be sent to:

Welcome!  We warmly welcome everyone to all our services, especially any who are visitors.

Pastoral Visits.  If any member of the congregation is aware of a member in hospital or requiring a home visit, please see me at Church on a Sunday or let me know (Alan Wilson 01334 461170) and I will make arrangements for someone to visit.

Strathkinness Monthly Prayer Group.  If anyone has a special request for prayers or would like more information about the Prayer Group please contact Margaret Overend on 850686.

Transport to Church.  If anyone requires transport to Church on a Sunday, please let me know (Alan Wilson 01334 461170) and I will try to arrange it.

The Annual Sale of Household Goods last Saturday at Hope Park and Martyrs Church raised the fantastic total of £3258.81 which will be split equally between the three nominated charities.  Huge thanks to everyone that bought, donated and helped in any way in order to make the day a success.

Life and Work.  The order form for the Life and Work magazine is about to be submitted.  If anyone new would like to subscribe to the magazine please let Janet Royds know.

Harvest Appeal—Storehouse.  Strathkinness Church faithfully supports Storehouse week by week.  This year members are being encouraged to make a special effort as part of the Harvest Appeal.  As well as its regular work, Storehouse holds a ‘Give-Away Day’ just before each school break to support families on the edge for whom the lack of school meals during holiday times is a real worry.

World Mission Stamp Appeal.  This year`s appeal will raise money for The Reformed Church in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) which helps run a number of day care centres which provide educational, emotional and physical support for children and young people with disabilities.  The World Mission Council`s Stamp Appeal will support the young people to live life in all its fullness, and to enjoy opportunities to participate in society and family life.  Please save your used stamps remembering to include a border of envelope around them.  Put them in the box at the back of the Church or phone Helen Donald on 850050.

Safari Supper.  The Open Doors Team are arranging a Safari Supper for the churches within the cluster group and invite you to put your name down on the sheet at the back of the Church if you are interested.  The supper will begin at 6.00pm on Saturday 29th September at Holy Trinity Church Hall continuing on to Hope Park and Martyrs for the main at 7.00pm and finishing at St Leonards Church Hall around 8:30pm for the pudding coffee/tea.  The cost will be £10 per person and tickets are now available.  Unfortunately the numbers will be restricted due to space to 20 people for Hope Park and Martyrs and Strathkinness. For enquiries please phone Sylvia Donaldson on 473279.

Scrabble Evening.  The next Scrabble Evening will be held on Friday 28th September at 7.00pm in Hope Park and Martyrs Church.  We aim to play two games during the evening with a break for a cup of tea at 8.00pm.  There is no required standard of play and everyone is welcome.  Please bring your friends!  For further details contact Flora Falls (476095).

Lectionary Readings for Harvest 30th September:  Deuteronomy 8:1-10, Acts 14:13-17 and John 6:24-35.

James Gregory Public Lecture.  5.15pm on Monday 1st October in the Main Physics Lecture Theatre, St Andrews University.  ‘Can Compassion Transform Society’ by Prof Anna Pessi, Professor of Church and Social Studies, University of Helsinki.  Her research covers compassion, altruism, meaningfulness, experiences of good life and of the sacred.  She directs a vast multi-disciplinary project on developing ‘The Revolutionary Power of Compassion’, where the needs of other people are taken seriously and the joy and enthusiasm of others is shared.


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