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Church Duties

Services are usually at 11.45 am on every Sunday. All are welcome

The Post Office hours of opening are between 12.30 and 2.30 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays in the Vestry in the Strathkinness Church Hall.



Minister:  Rev Allan McCafferty


Telephone:  01334 478287

Minister-in-Training:  Sibyl Tchaikovsky

Church Office:

Monday to Friday 9.00 am—12.00 noon


Telephone:  01334 478144

Information for this web site can be sent to:

Welcome!  We warmly welcome everyone to today’s service, especially any who are visitors.

Sunday 9th April - Palm Sunday Joint Service with Hope Park and Martyrs Church. This service will take place at Strathkinness Church at 11.00am.


Pastoral Visits.  If any member of the congregation is aware of a member in hospital or requiring a home visit, please get in touch with Alan Wilson either in Church on a Sunday or by phone - 01334 461170. He will make arrangements for someone to visit.

Strathkinness Monthly Prayer Group.  If anyone has a special request for prayers or would like more information about the Prayer Group please contact Margaret Overend on 850686.

Transport to Church.  If anyone requires transport to Church on a Sunday, please let

Allan Wilson know (phone 01334 461170). He will try to arrange it.

World Mission Stamp Appeal.  The proceeds go to the Church of Scotland HIV/AIDS Programme.  There are currently 29 projects in 17 different countries receiving financial help from the Church of Scotland World Mission.  Please continue to save your used stamps remembering to include a border of envelope around them.  There is a box under the table in the Church vestibule for stamps or phone Helen Donald on 850050—with many thanks.




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